Worship Sundays @ 9:30 am

Valley’s labyrinth is open year round and all are welcome.

A labyrinth is a walking tool for prayer and meditation for those seeking God, consisting of a winding path that begins at the outside and leads to a central place and then out again by the same path. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has no blind alleys or dead ends. It is not a puzzle to be solved. Instead, one simply walks in trust, receptive to what the Spirit may be inviting us to recognize, release or discover.

As a spiritual exercise, walking the labyrinth is a way to acknowledge that in our life with God, we are indeed on a journey. The action of walking stills our thoughts allowing space for the Holy amid the noise, worries, task lists and congestion of daily life.

Be open and notice what comes. Welcome God and walk as you are led. Submerge yourself in the experience and enjoy the center. Why hurry away? Let God know your heart and mind. All are welcome.

Valley’s labyrinth was built by our Valley member, Alex Gillett, for his Eagle Scout Project and given by the Tripet Family. It was dedicated on Sunday, September 8, 2013.





Suggestions for
Walking the Labyrinth

Leave your cares at the entrance and walk in silence. 

Clear your mind and become aware of your breath.

Allow yourself to find the pace your body wants to go.

Some people begin their walk with a few moments to quiet themselves, bow, make the sign of the cross or hold out their hands with their palms up. Do what seems right for you.

Feel free to walk, run, skip, dance or crawl the labyrinth.

You may pass others or allow others to step around you, at the turns.

At the center you can stand or sit quietly for a time. Then follow the same path out from the center.

Time in the labyrinth can be a silent meditation, asking a question or seeking guidance.

Remember, the experience of walking the labyrinth varies widely from person to person. God meets us where we are to bless and guide.

This is a sacred space. We pray that you will find and experience what you are seeking — what you need.