In the Seasons of the Church, white/silver, gold and light are used at times of celebration. These celebratory times are Easter, Christmas, Epiphany and the sacraments of Communion and Baptism. We often chose to use white at funerals and weddings.

White and silver symbolizes purity, joy, faith and glory. Gold represents royalty, God, divinity and faithfulness. Light and brightness represents superior spirit, righteousness and holiness.

These celebratory banners are designed with rich and satiny fabrics, beads and glitter to create a feeling of happiness and joy. A myriad of deliciously rich fabrics, cut in irregular shapes representing the uniqueness of each of us, are quilted together to form each banner. Long tubes of fabric and beads are knotted in different places, over-laid and intertwined to represent the grace and unity of us all.

We think the results are very uplifting. How about you?


"There is a great deal of joy around this church community." -Gwen

"What we really love about Valley is that it is true to its vision of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Opening Lives to God." -Craig